Firetube Boilers


Small capacity steam boilers

Capacity in kW 30 – 100 kW
Steam production in kg/h 50 – 150 kg/h
Design pressure 5 bar
Fuel gas, light oil

Monobloc, instantaneous, flame inversion, wet-base, firetube steam boilers. Suitable for both liquid or gaseous fuels, for steam production from 50 to 150 kg/h, with project pressure of 5 bars, complete with regulation and safety accessories for automatic operation. Complementary skid with ancillaries for easy installation of firetube boilers upon request.

Ideal for processes requiring 3-4 bar steam up to 100 kW
Designed with special consideration to breweries and dry cleaners.


Capacity in kW 200 – 3750 kW
Steam production in kg/h 300 – 6000 kg/h
Design pressure 12/15 bar
Fuel gas, light & heavy oil

OBYONE is a high-pressure, three-pass reversed flame, wet back, high-efficiency industrial steam boiler. Standard pressure up to 12 bar (higher pressure steam boiler available on request) and output from 300 to 6000 kg/h. The boiler is high efficiency and copes well with instantaneous demand due to its horizontal design and consequently larger water evaporation area. It’s suitable for gaseous fuels as well as liquid fuels with easy furnace and smoke tube access for maintenance.

Every steam boiler model is complete with safety and operation control accessories ensuring safe and reliable operation meeting and exceeding the industry.

Design features

Steam Boiler Body

is made up of a cylindrical shell and a wet back furnace, made of high-quality steel. The welding seams are carried out by qualified personnel in compliance to certified procedures and are subjected to Non-Destructive Tests, in accordance with an internal “Manufacturing and Control” program. Once the high-pressure boilers have been manufactured they are subjected to hydraulic testing

Smoke Tubes

made of high-quality steel, are welded to tube plates. Pipes are equipped with helical turbulators for optimal heat distribution.


Capacity in kW 1050 – 15650 kW
Steam production in kg/h 1700 – 25000 kg/h
Design pressure 12/15 bar
Fuel gas, light & heavy oil


The OBYTRICE is a three-pass, wetback steam boiler. A single block unit, OBYTRICE features excellent efficiency and offers high-level technical solutions. It is designed and built to ensure maximum reliability and durability, depending on the industrial use for which it is mainly intended.

The construction features high water volume and high energy content, a characteristic that allows you to make sudden and very high steam withdrawals. The large mirror of evaporating fluid also prevents the entrainment of water droplets to the steam outlet; the steam produced is therefore always of high quality as it features a very high steam fraction.

The corrugated furnace, fully designed and built in-house by O’Brien steam boiler manufacturer, is sized in order to achieve reduced volumetric thermal loads; this results in optimum operation both with liquid and gaseous fuels, as well as the reduction of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. The surfaces in contact with the carrier fluid are widely sized to ensure a high coefficient of heat exchange, in order to achieve high combustion efficiency.

Benefits of the OBYTRICE

Watertube Boilers


O’Brien Watertube D Type Steam Boiler.

Capacity in kW 1000 – 20000 kW
Steam production in kg/h  1600 – 32000 kg/h
Design pressure 12/16/25 bar
Fuel gas

Note: Bigger capacities and superheated options available upon request


One of the most reputable water tube steam boiler manufacturers and suppliers, the O’Brien Watertube D-style industrial water-tube boiler provides steam to industrial processes covering medium to large scale steam demands and pressure requirements. It can be customized to provide up to 565°C superheated steam. We provide both single- and dual-stage integral, high-efficiency gas boiler systems with optional temperature control over turndown. To maximize efficiency they get paired with hi turndown ratio burners, large capability controls and an economizer with further efficiency booster options.

Flexible Water Tube Boilers

Cleaver Brooks Flexible Watertube Boiler.

Capacity in kW 650 – 3000 kW
Steam production in kg/h 1040 – 4800 kg/h
Design pressure 10/13/17 bar
Fuel gas, light oil

The Cleaver-Brooks flexible membrane wall water-tube boiler is a high-performance, super-compact unit designed specifically to fit through a doorway


This model is a compact unit that reduces floor space by 50% with weight savings of 40% while providing steam up to 3 MW. The complete package is ideal for the replacement of existing units with ease of installation and minimal cost. Each unit is fully assembled, tested, approved, and shipped ready for fuel, water, electrical, and breaching installation.

Electric Steam Boilers


Capacity in kW 20 – 180 kW
Steam production in kg/h  32 – 280 kg/h
Design pressure 5 / 7 bar
Fuel Electricity

OBYPHASE is an instantaneous steam boiler.

Its features make the OBYPHASE boiler an ideal steam producer for laundries and ironing machines, able to meet dry steam small and medium requests, preventing thermal plant overloads. The boiler is ready for a quick and easy installation, it’s only needs are connections to a power, hydraulic, steam lines and drain connection. Electrical connections are made according to the safety norms, and converge to a single centralized panel.

The boiler is provided with a level control, automatic water feed. Simple and effective utilization, thanks to the front control panel. Electric and automatic steam boiler, with variable power from 15 to 180 KW, the boiler can be fed directly from the mains or from a special stainless steel reservoir. The electric automatic steam boiler is particularly suitable for polished surface ironing press operations (indicated for cotton material ironing) or equipped with a steam gun, and indicated for fur tapering and ironing. Available with a single group of resistors (three elements) or with two groups of independent resistors (six elements).

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